Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Sephora Singapore Haul

Hello! I’m here in Singapore! And I’m still overwhelmed with how beautiful this place is! The people her are all nice – including the taxi drivers! Life is easier here in Singapore. Things/Places are organized well here. Trains, buses, houses, and places are all numbered here! That’s the reason why I never got lost.  How I wish we can have this sweet kind aura in the Philippines!
I’m filled with bliss and awe when I found out that they have Sephora here! Yes, the always loved Sephora. hmmmm.

It is located in the Ground floor of Ion Orchard… I stayed there for 3-4 hours. Look what I’ve hauled:

The items above are not just for me. Some are pasalubongs for my Elixirs – Honey, Mommy and Daddy. :)
The cashier even gave me a 5% discount on my purchases because I’m a tourist. I just presented my passport, and viola! :) Thanks to our ka-Pinoy(who happens to work there) for telling me.

Aside from the 5% discount, Versace bag and mini Versace,they even gave me a voucher and a SGD$17 refund. Wee. I’m soo happy!
I’m wondering what I would buy next… Maybe i’ll wait for the release of UD BOSIII here. hmm..

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